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What Hair Color Is Best For Me?

“What hair color is best for me?”

Every girl has asked themselves this question at least once in her life, and many multiple times. Especially if you’ve experimented with a few colors already. What color suits you the most? What’s the best hair color for your skin tone and eye color?

It’s scientific, actually. All it takes is consulting a hair color/skin tone chart.

Finding Out Your Perfect Hair Color

It’s a lot easier than you think!

  • First, identify your skin tone; fair with pink or cool undertones, medium with neutral undertones, olive with warm undertones, or deep brown. Not sure? Look at the underside of your wrist; if the veins look bluish, you likely have pink/cool undertones. If they are more greenish, then your skin likely has warm undertones.
  • Next, identify your eye color, and if you are blue or green whether they have flecks of gold or brown in them.

Ready to find out which hair color you look the most beautiful with? Simply consult the chart below to find out the best hair color for your skin tone and eye color, and transform into the best version of you.

Don’t want to dye your hair just yet but itching to try one of the suggested colors? Try colored hair extensions, in perhaps an ombre style, to test it out! You won’t regret it. Or are you already rocking your suggested color but want to feel even more gorgeous? Match one of our sets of extensions to your current hair color to add gorgeous goddess locks giving volume, length, bounce and red-carpet shine to your hair. Check out our hair swatches here to find your perfect color!

  Fair Skin with Pink Undertones Medium Skin with Neutral Undertones Olive Skin with Warm Undertones Medium Brown or Dark Skin
Blue or Green Eyes

Fair coloring with jewel tone eyes works best with striking, extreme colors. Think deep browns or near-black, platinum or pale blonde, and red hair.

Browse our gorgeous selection of striking and fun colors. Since you have the skin and the eyes for it, you can look super sexy with this look -- when most other girls will envy you for it!

Jewel tone eyes are striking, but neutral skin tones give you a springtime vibe that works best with lighter natural colors. Think medium blonde to medium brown, with highlights.

We recommend our beautiful brown and blonde balayage extensions as your perfect color, Diva in Balayage.

This is goddess coloring. Think black or deep brown to keep your striking coloring from head to toe.

For sexy, rich brown extensions to look drop-dead gorgeous, try Bellissa’s Sexy Mocha.

Jewel tone eyes and deep brown skin is a rare combination and utterly stunning! Either stick with classic dark hair, or highlight your eyes with a hair color that matches.

Browse our beautiful in blue, pretty in black and natural beauty extensions.

Blue or Green Eyes (with gold or brown flecks)

The flecks in your eyes add just a hint of warmth to your coloring. Think of light brown hair with lots of highlights, or blonde hair with low lights.

Try our Boss Bitch extensions for a stunning highlighted blonde that will look gorgeous on you.

This coloring is pure summer. A sunshiny blonde is the best choice for you.

For rich golden blondes, try Bellissa’s Showstopper or Beach Vibes extensions.

Think deep brown, but consider highlights too, to play up the highlights in your eyes.

We recommend gorgeous brown to honey ombre extensions, Bellissa’s Ombre Revenge.

Your combination of eye and hair coloring is as unique as you are. Play it up with a rich brown and highlights.

Turn heads with a deep brown to medium ombre, like our Ombre Envy extensions.

Hazel or Light Brown Eyes

To add gorgeous drama and look your most striking, wear darker hair colors.

Browse our stunning collection of rich black and brown extensions for the perfect hair.

Your coloring is neutral and you could take your hair color in almost any direction. Your hair is probably naturally brown, but consider going a shade darker for a more dramatic look or adding highlights to bring out your warmer side.

Browse our vividly rich brown collection of extensions to take your hair to the next level and look like an Instagram model.

Honey blondes to medium browns blend well with your natural coloring. Add highlights or lowlights to make your look pop.

For highlights-lowlights that were made for your coloring, check out Bellissa’s Tease extensions.

Medium browns to off black blend well with your natural coloring. Add highlights or lowlights to make your look even more striking.

For the perfect almost off black extensions, try Bellissa’s Natural Beauty.

Deep Brown or Black Eyes

Your eyes are a beautiful contrast to your pale skin. Continue to play up the contrast with deep brown or black hair.

For beautiful, deep black extensions, try Bellissa’s Pretty in Black.

Your eye color and skin tone give you a wide range, but you look best with summer blondes and autumn chestnut browns.

For a hot summer look, we recommend Bellissa’s Slay extensions. For autumn we recommend our stunning chestnut brown Bellissa’s Flawless extensions.

We recommend medium brown with highlights to deep brown or black for your most beautiful color.

You will fall in love with our mahogany extensions, Bellissa’s Flirt.

You can go for a naturally gorgeous look with deep brown or black hair, or, go for a stunning contrast with grey or platinum.

Try Bellissa’s Platinum Made extensions and look jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Once you pick the perfect color, changing your entire look is super easy with hair extensions! You can transform from blah and boring to goddess hair instantly. But make sure you go with an ultra-high quality brand of 100% Remy human hair extensions. At Bellissa Hair, we pride ourselves in being the #1 luxury hair extensions on the market.

Rather Take a Quiz to Find Out Your Perfect Color? And Which Length, Style and Weight Works Best For You?

Click here to take the quiz to find out what type of hair extensions are perfect for you.

Designed to take the place of one of our hair extensions experts as if you were in a chair in front of them and they were looking at your hair and determining what will work best for you, this quiz in less than one minute will instantly reveal exactly what will finally get you your dream hair. So, go ahead and take the plunge with our free online hair consultation in the form of a super quick and easy quiz!

Regardless of the color you choose, just keep these important guidelines in mind:

  • Always buy 100% Remy human hair.
  • Always purchase from a first-class, reputable company!
  • Be certain there are “try before you buy” options like sample swatches and “try on” samples with every kit.

Gorgeous, insta-ready hair takes some thought and planning, but it doesn't have to be complicated or scary. The most important part is to have fun--you are transforming into your best self! Empower your inner goddess.

Need more help or don’t see the perfect color for you on the website? Contact our support specialists to get custom color matched, for free!

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