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Why Us?

The Best Hair Extensions You’ll Ever Wear

At Bellissa Hair, we pride ourselves in creating what we feel are the best clip in hair extensions in the industry, made from 100% remy human hair of the highest luxury caliber, which maintains its silky soft quality and shine even with frequent use and styling. Our classic, seamless and custom hair extensions come in a stunning selection of colors, which are designed to blend and harmonize with your existing hair for an ultra-natural look that will transform “average” hair into head-turning, drop-dead-gorgeous goddess hair.

A Letter from the Creator

Why Use Bellissa Hair Extensions?

First, let me start by saying that our hair truly embodies our name. Bellissa is an Italian name which means “fair lovely one”, which is exactly how I feel every time I wear my Bellissa hair. After grueling, extensive research of sampling from countless hair suppliers everywhere, I knew instantly when I found the right one. The difference in quality was apparent from the minute I touched the hair.

This was such a long journey for me, and it was very personal to me. I knew I wanted to find the very best components for my clip in hair extensions, not only for myself but for my customers, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. I was on a mission for over a year to educate myself on human hair. I spent time communicating, sampling, and testing hair from numerous suppliers, and I was able to narrow down my search based on the integrity of the suppliers and the overall quality of the hair.

Why You Should Only Buy 100% Remy Human Hair

I found that one of the key determining factors to creating the very best, ultra-premium hair extensions was in the processing of the hair. And this is where the term “remy” comes into play.

If the processing of human hair is done by chemically stripping the hair of its cuticles so that it can be machine processed for a faster process, and the hair is not all running in the same direction, then it is non-remy hair--and as a result, loses all its natural silkyness, luster and shine. This is the reason why so many hair extensions look like a dry, tangled, “hot mess” and begin to shed excessively after only a few weeks.

I quickly realized that most retailers who were selling clip-in hair extensions and claiming that they were 100% remy human hair, were actually non-remy! This came as such a shock to me, yet it all made sense from my extensive sampling on my quest to create the best hair extensions.

You will notice an immediate difference when wearing Bellissa extensions compared to other brands, because we only use the highest quality premium grade 100% real remy human hair, with all its cuticles intact. The quality and lifespan of the hair is a night-and-day difference; it is much healthier, mimics your real hair superbly, and has a natural shine to it that actually lasts. It also doesn’t tangle and shed like non-remy human hair. Granted, all hair tangles as do our natural locks that grow from our scalp, but nothing like non-remy hair that has been stripped from its cuticles.

Why You Should Only Buy Double Drawn and Multi-Tone Colored Hair Extensions

The other key factor that was very important to me was that my hair extensions were equally thick from top to bottom. Have you ever bought hair extensions that made your hair look full at the top and became much thinner towards the bottom? So have I, and no one wants to wear extensions so incorrectly proportioned! This does not give the full hair ratio, as you are losing hair at the bottom. Rest assured that Bellissa hair extensions are double drawn, which means they are thick from top to bottom. This gives the extensions a full and ultra-naturally blended look.

Bellissa hair also uses a multi-tone adapt coloring system, which allows the extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair--even if your hair color is slightly different! This element drastically changes the blending and harmonizing ability of hair extensions, and is something that most other brands lack.

After Trying Bellissa Hair Extensions, You’ll Never Go Back

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. If you want quality, it comes with a higher price tag. We all know it, I knew it too, and it was confirmed in my long journey of extensive research and sampling. I only wanted the very best hair extensions for myself, and I wanted the same experience for all of my customers! So after finding the perfect supplier, I knew I had to pay the higher price tag for my hair. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bellissa Hair was born, and it is with so much joy and excitement that I introduce to you, Bellissa hair extensions--the most ultra-premium, ultra-natural, easy-to-use hair extensions on the market.

-Rasheda Magny

CEO and Creator of Bellissa Hair


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