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Praise and Reviews

My new hair extensions, that I absolutely love! Being a model and blogger, I like to change my hair all the time for photoshoots. It’s nice to have the option of changing your hairstyle for a red carpet event, photoshoot-you name it. And, so many people love them! Every time I wore this particular brand of extensions, people have given me compliments. And, couldn’t even believe these are actually clip-ins. The quality of these extensions are absolutely amazing! They blend in perfectly with my natural hair. Really healthy looking. You would never think, they are literally hair extensions!

Victoria Valentine Brown

 Super in love with these extensions! This is my second pair that I’ve had. The hair quality is just amazing. Super easy to put in. Super light weight. I wore them around my family, and no-one knew I had them in. My hairstylist deals with a lot of hair extensions. He was just blown away by everything about them! I love putting them in, and going out. And, having fun. I got a lot of compliments. A lot of people are just amazed, when I tell them they are hair extensions! They blend perfectly with my hair. Love them!

Kaitlyn Fritts

So amazing! They’re 100% human hair. The quality of them are just so good! I’m quite a newbie when it comes to hair extensions. These were really easy to put in! I was really surprised! The color matches amazingly! The texture matches really well!

Jamie Rockers

My fabulous new clip-in hair extensions from Bellissa Hair. I’m super excited because they sent me these really high quality Remy clip-in hair extensions to try. One of the good things I like about Bellissa Hair is they have really thin, lightweight wefts. One of the awesome things about Bellissa Hair is they use high quality 100% Remy human hair! Everything about it is just better! Trust me, you want to go with good quality hair extensions!

Hollee Wood

If you've always wanted hair extensions and you're looking to dip your feet into new brands, I would definitely, whole-heartedly, choose Bellissa. The quality of these extensions is just amazing.

So, if you're looking for hair extensions to try, look no further. If you purchase Bellissa extensions, I promise you, you'll love them. And that’s all I can say, you'll love them. Buy some and you'll understand what I'm talking about, they’re amazing hair extensions -- and we can all be Bellissa goddesses in our Bellissa hair extensions!

Kaitlyn Fritts

I’ve been wearing hair clip-ons for the last five years and I've tried it all; different colors, different brands, different weights and different lengths, but I was never 100% satisfied. But I am 100% happy with Bellissa Hair clip-ons! It gives me exactly what I'm looking for; length, body and fullness, and it blends naturally with my real hair. I just love it!

Jamila Bolden

I love it! I was so surprised. It is so light, I can barely even tell that I have them in. And, I’ve never worn extensions before. Absolutely love it! My hair is so thin and fine, I didn’t even think extensions would look good on me. But as you can see they look magnificent! And it is all because of the Bellissa Hair Seamless collection! I definitely recommend them to everyone!

Karli Washburn

It's amazing how many compliments I get when I wear them. I think when I tell people that I'm wearing hair extensions, they don't believe it! And they make my hair extremely long, but I barely feel like I'm wearing them in my hair. It's easy to play with and style, I can wash them, and curl them... I highly recommend Bellissa hair extensions!

Sarah Meredith

Great product! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I’m a cosmetologist and I have worked with many types and brands of hair extensions over the years to cater to the needs of my clients. It is my goal for all of my clients to look and feel beautiful when they leave my chair. And Bellissa clip-in hair extensions are the very best! I absolutely love them! They are beautiful and super soft so they blend so well with my clients’ hair. I highly recommend Bellissa clip-in hair extensions to all of my clients looking for high quality hair extensions. And Bellissa Hair is not only high quality, but also easy to use, and comfortable!

Jissel Bourdet - Master Designer

Bellissa Hair extensions are great! My hair is naturally short, but with the extensions in it made it so long and it feels like my real hair! It blends so nicely with my real hair, especially the color! You can’t even tell that I’m wearing extensions! They are so easy to clip into my natural hair, are easy to remove, and I can curl my extensions and everything -- I just love it! I’ve had an amazing experience with Bellissa Hair -- this was my first time trying out extensions and I totally love it. When I wear them I feel like a new person. You can barely recognize me. Amazing, I totally recommend Bellissa Hair. Thank you for such a great first time experience!

Troi Roo

After working with all the extensions that Bellissa Hair has made, I’m very impressed with how high quality they are. Each set looks and feels like your real hair, and responds to heat beautifully when styling! I would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants a longer and more voluminous look. Plus, as someone with fine hair, I found that they are super comfortable to wear, lightweight and very easy to disguise and blend within the layers of my thin, short hair. Love it!

Jacquelynn Young


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