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Your Perfect hair Extensions are:

Custom Seamless Collection for Brown Hair

Your perfect hair extensions are custom seamless extensions for brown hair!

Designed for women with thin, fine or medium hair, seamless extensions use a newer technology specially designed with ultra-thin silicone skin-like wefts that are 50% thinner than the classic wefts. This technology makes extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and feel like they’re not even there. And since you specified you want hair longer than 22 inches with more volume, we recommend the custom collection, for beauties who want even longer, fuller hair. Each set is custom-made and uniquely designed on an individual basis.

Note: Custom extensions take 4 weeks to ship, due to the fact they are custom designed and created just for you! Don't want to wait 4-5 weeks? Opt for seamless extensions instead!

Your hair color is the perfect fit for our brown hair color family!

We have a stunning selection of light and dark brown extensions that are specially designed using a multi-tone adapt coloring system, which allows them to harmonize flawlessly with your natural hair — even if your hair color is slightly different!

Browse the perfect hair extensions recommended specifically for your hair type and color below!

Ready to transform into a gorgeous goddess with your perfect set of extensions?

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Why choose bellissa Hair?

Bellissa is the #1 luxury clip-in hair extensions company in the industry. Why is that?

You will notice an immediate difference when wearing Bellissa extensions compared to all the other brands out there -- this is because we only use the highest quality ultra-premium grade 100% real remy human hair, with all its cuticles intact. The quality of our hair is a night-and-day difference; it blends and harmonizes almost magically with natural hair. It is much healthier, and has a natural softness and shine that lasts even with frequent use and styling.

What about lifespan? Bellissa Hair extensions last up to 6x longer than most other brands. Our extensions have a lifespan of 6 months to a year, or even longer based on how well they are cared for. Unlike other brands who’s extensions last only 2 to 3 months before you have to buy another set of hair. You may think you’re saving money by purchasing a cheaper set of hair extensions, but in the long run are you really saving if you’re buying your extensions every 2 to 3 months. Ultimately you end up paying for hair extensions 4x a year. Bellissa Hair extensions will give you lasting results, meaning you will only need to buy hair extensions once or twice a year.

But this is what really makes us different; Bellissa Hair uses a multi-tone adapt coloring system, which makes our extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair. Even if your hair color is slightly different! This element drastically changes the blending and harmonizing ability of hair extensions, and is one of the most critical factors of top quality extensions that most other brands lack.

Bellissa Hair extensions are also double drawn, which means they are thick from top to bottom. As a result, Bellissa Hair extensions give your hair that naturally full and healthy look. Have you ever seen extensions that made the hair look full at the top and became much thinner towards the bottom? Most extensions out there have this issue. Bellissa Hair prides ourselves in providing extensions that are meticulously proportioned, and give you not only length but volume, in all the right places.

So we invite you to browse our collection of hair extensions recommended specifically for you, and find out why Bellissa Hair extensions are the best on the market.

Take your beauty to the next level -- and transform into a goddess.

Bellissa Hair customer testimonials

If you've always wanted hair extensions and you're looking to dip your feet into new brands, I would definitely, whole-heartedly, choose Bellissa. The quality of these extensions is just amazing.

Kaitlyn Fritts

I’ve been wearing hair clip-ons for the last five years and I've tried it all; different colors, different brands, different weights & different lengths, but I was never 100% satisfied. But I am 100% happy with Bellissa Hair clip-ons!

Jamila Bolden

I love it! I was so surprised. It is so light, I can barely even tell that I have them in. And, I’ve never worn extensions before. Absolutely love it! My hair is so thin and fine, I didn’t even think extensions would look good on me.

Karli Washburn


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