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Dream About Having
Instagram Model Hair?

Your dream can come true with the perfect set of hair extensions.

But first you need to find out what type, style and color hair extensions will suit you the most and work perfectly with your natural hair!

Find Out What Type of Hair Extensions Are Best For You

There is a hidden secret to perfect goddess hair that most women don’t even know about…

The answer is hair extensions. BUT, not just any hair extensions!

Extensions only look good when you choose the right color, length, style, weight and weft (and of course, quality).

Without knowing exactly what works best with your natural hair, you will never look good with extensions. And we don’t just want to look good... We want to look jaw-dropping, red-carpet gorgeous.

So in order to achieve that, it’s critical that you find out exactly what will work best with your hair.


Who is Bellissa Hair?

Bellissa is a luxury hair extensions company where we use only ultra premium 100% remy human hair, which maintains superb quality, softness and shine even with frequent use and styling. Our extensions look the most natural, feel the most natural (not to mention silky smooth!), and harmonize with your real hair beautifully to create a stunning, ultra-natural, goddess hair look. Plus, they are super easy to clip on and off within minutes at home! No salon needed, and they will never damage your natural hair!

Actual Bellissa customer testimonials

If you've always wanted hair extensions and you're looking to dip your feet into new brands, I would definitely, whole-heartedly, choose Bellissa. The quality of these extensions is just amazing.

Kaitlyn Fritts

I’ve been wearing hair clip-ons for the last five years and I've tried it all; different colors, different brands, different weights & different lengths, but I was never 100% satisfied. But I am 100% happy with Bellissa Hair clip-ons!

Jamila Bolden

I love it! I was so surprised. It is so light, I can barely even tell that I have them in. And, I’ve never worn extensions before. Absolutely love it! My hair is so thin and fine, I didn’t even think extensions would look good on me.

Karli Washburn

Take the Quiz to Get Your Dream Hair

Designed to take the place of one of our hair extensions experts as if you were in a chair in front of them and they were looking at your hair and determining what will work best for you, this quiz in less than one minute will instantly reveal exactly what will finally get you your dream hair.

Click below to take the FREE quiz to discover what length, color, weight and style of hair extensions are perfect for you.

Ready to makeover your hair and transform into a goddess?


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