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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Wish you knew how to make your hair grow faster every time you scroll through Instagram and sulk when you see so many girls with gorgeous, super long locks?

You’ve probably been curious but skeptical about those hair supplements ads on social media with the “secret” to grow hair faster in a month, growth shampoos on shelves promising “long hair”, and hear your hairdressers telling you to trim it every month to make it grow faster.

But the most impactful thing you can actually do to make your hair grow faster... to simply eat specific foods.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster with Breakfast

Experts often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the most important meal for long, beautiful hair.

Avocado toast, a green smoothie, and a teaspoon of flax oil.

Green smoothies with dark, leafy greens are rich in protein and a ton of vitamins. Hair is mostly protein too -- in fact, a lack of protein can lead to hair loss, so it’s critical you get plenty of natural plant protein. Just be sure to add water or coconut water as your base to avoid all the sugar in juice, and a ripe banana for natural sweetness and texture. Flax oil on the other hand is massively rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps keep the scalp moist and prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle, thus promoting hair growth. And avocados are rich in mono-saturated fats, which are healthy fats and great for you, which will also help grow moisture-rich, long, silky hair.

Healthy Snacks, Healthy Hair!

You can also grow your hair faster with snacks!

Almonds and other healthy nuts like brazil nuts, walnuts, etc.

Besides being delicious, almonds are jam-packed with biotin, protein and healthy fats, which are the perfect ingredients for hair growth. Almost every hair supplement consists of biotin, which is a B vitamin crucial for hair, skin and nail health.

How to Eat Right at Lunchtime for Long, Luxurious Locks

Meeting friends for lunch, or just whipping up something quick at home? Lunch is a great opportunity to supply your hair with the nutrients it needs to be long, strong and gorgeous.

Sauteed kale, spinach and other green veggies, which you can pair with brown rice and soy sauce.

Leafy greens are packed with vitamins and protein, and supply loads of benefits like great hair, nails and skin, energy, healthy weight, brain power and focus, lower cholesterol, etc. And when you saute veggies, you make them easier for your gut to digest. When your body has trouble digesting, it causes bloating and gas, fatigue, and this can show up as acne, eczema, etc.

Grow Picture-Perfect, Insta-Ready Hair with Dinner

Since dinner is often the biggest meal of the day, it’s critical you choose foods for healthy hair every dinnertime meal.

Quinoa topped with sautéed yellow peppers and cucumbers, with some parsley and lemon zest stirred in for flavor. You can also throw in sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, or whatever you like!

The quinoa is a complete source of protein, the major component of hair, with all nine amino acids, and yellow peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, great for reinforcing hair follicles and hair shafts and preventing hair loss and breakage. And sweet potatoes have beta carotene and vitamin A, two more important ingredients for long, healthy hair.

Like most things, you can’t expect changes overnight, but over time you will see results.

And you don't have to stick to the meals described here, it’s simply the ingredients and their benefits that are important! Keep in mind that you are looking for foods with:

  • Natural plant protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Mono-saturated fats
  • Vitamins A, D and C
  • Biotin
  • Beta carotene

You will have to be patient, but after a few months you will be well on your way to model-perfect, insta-ready hair.

“But What If I Want Long, Gorgeous Hair NOW?”

Sticking to a specific diet for months and months isn’t the most fun or the fastest way to getting long, goddess hair. So how can you get long, glamorous locks instantly?

Hair extensions.

But not just any kind of hair extensions.

Many hair extensions will end up leaving you looking fake or even hideous, and can actually ruin the natural hair you have.

The secret is clip-in 100% Remy human hair extensions.

Of only the highest caliber.

Your hair, a woman’s crowning jewel, is something you NEVER want to gamble on.

Want to take the shortcut to long, drop-dead gorgeous hair, and find out what type, color and style of hair extensions are perfect for you?

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