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Warning: Don’t Buy Hair Extensions Until You Read This

Dream about having drop-dead gorgeous Instagram-model hair?

But then come crashing back to reality after looking in the mirror?

...we all do.

Gorgeous beauty queen hair is one of those things that most of us dream about but can never quite achieve. And the worst part? The most noticeable thing about a woman, the ONE THING that can dramatically change your entire look, is your HAIR.

Sure, a great outfit, perfect makeup, the ab-and-butt work you’ve been doing, all contribute to feeling and looking beautiful… but nothing makes or breaks your overall look like your hair. As women, our hair is our crowning jewel.

But the hair we’re born with is forever causing most of us grief…

Do you hate your short hair and wish it was longer, but it’s taking FOREVER to grow?

Or loathe how flat and limp your hair is, and miserably envy women with big, beautiful, bouncy, voluminous hair? Wondering how you could get hair like that too and look that gorgeous?

You aren’t alone.

And you’re also not doomed, though most of us feel like we are. You’ve probably tried every product out there, every styling tool, specialty shampoo, hair supplements...the list goes on. In other words, a lot of time and money wasted.

But there IS a solution.

In fact, there is a hidden secret to perfect goddess hair that most women don’t even know about…

There’s a way to easily turn your blah hair into beautiful beauty queen hair, a super simple way to add length and volume, and look like a glamorous model with perfect Instagram hair -- WITHOUT going to a salon.

The answer is hair extensions.

BUT, not just any hair extensions!

In fact, you should NEVER buy most hair extensions out there;

  • They look fake and obvious because they don’t harmonize with your natural hair
  • They are dry, they shed and get tangled easily, ending up looking like old, ratchet Barbie hair
  • They can’t be styled with hot tools
  • They are highly flammable and dangerous, and, can damage your natural hair
  • They don’t last, ending up being a complete waste of money

These are the fears most women have about hair extensions… But there’s only one cause to all of these problems. And it’s easily avoidable.

There’s only one type of hair extensions you should ever buy. But the type is only the beginning -- you also need the right color, length and style for YOUR hair -- everybody is different! So how do you find the perfect extensions for YOU?

All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps in order to get the perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Step 1: Take the Quiz to Learn What Type of Hair Extensions are Best for YOU

Extensions only look good when you choose the right color, length, style, weight and weft (and of course quality, but we’ll get into that below). Without knowing exactly what works best with your natural hair, you will never look good with extensions. And we don’t just want to look good...we want to look jaw-dropping, red-carpet gorgeous. So in order to achieve that, it’s critical that you find out exactly what will work best with your hair.

Click here now to take the FREE QUIZ to discover what length, color, weight and style of hair extensions are perfect for you.

Designed to take the place of one of our hair extensions experts as if you were in a chair in front of them and they were looking at your hair and determining what will work best for you, this quiz in less than one minute will instantly reveal exactly what will finally get you your dream hair.

Step 2: Know What Type of Hair Extensions You Should Only Ever Buy

Not all hair extensions are created equal.

You should never buy anything but 100% Remy human hair extensions. And the worst part? Most hair extensions are NOT Remy hair. And why is that so bad? You’re about to find out.

But first off, what exactly is Remy hair?

Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair extensions on the market. It has all its cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction, and undergoes a gentle steam processing, requiring more time and care. This is why Remy human hair has the most natural appearance, the softest texture, and maintains a natural, healthy shine even with regular use. It also does not tangle or shed excessively, like non-Remy human hair and synthetic hair.

Remy human hair can also be styled with the use of hot tools, washed, conditioned, and treated in the same manner in which you would treat and care for your natural hair.

The lifespan of Remy human hair is also much longer than non-Remy hair and synthetic hair, because the overall health and natural integrity of the hair is not comprised by preserving its cuticles and aligning them in the same direction. Remy hair can last for 6 months to over a year and longer with proper care and treatment!

It does come with a higher price tag though, which is why so many girls go with a cheaper alternative such as synthetic hair or non-Remy human hair extensions. But here’s why you never want to do that:

Hair extensions are one of the beauty purchases you should never skimp on to save a buck. Why? Because your hair can make or break how you look, and with extensions, you get what you pay for -- do you really want to look cheap?!

Do you really want extensions that are super obvious to everyone who looks at you, and look ratchet AF?

Making you look worse rather than better?

Of course not. That’s every girl’s worst nightmare!

You want long, beautiful, soft and shiny goddess hair that makes you look and feel super sexy.

You want hair that LOOKS REAL, and lasts more than one use (much more!), can be styled to your heart’s desire with hot styling tools, and is easy to wash and maintain.

And in order to get all those things, you will have to pay a higher price for 100% Remy human hair extensions from a top quality brand. No other kind of extensions will get you the result you want.

But Beware: Many different hair extensions companies claim that their products are 100% Remy hair, but they are NOT. So make sure you do your research!

And that’s not the only critical thing you need to be aware of...

Step 3: Know the Biggest Mistakes to Hair Extensions and What to Avoid

We’ve all heard – or seen – the horror stories of girls getting bald spots and permanent damage to their hair from extensions. But there’s only one reason for that.

Why You Should Only Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

All types of extensions can damage your hair except clip-in extensions. Let’s go over the other common types of hair extensions and why you want to avoid them.

  • Weave hair extensions are attached by braiding small sections of hair into cornrows and then actually sewing extensions onto them. Some women love the idea that the extension absolutely can’t come off, but that small section of cornrowed hair isn’t meant to hold up several times its own weight in extensions. Over time, and with brushing and styling, actual sections of the cornrow can end up getting pulled out, leaving BALD SPOTS!
  • Pre-bonded or fusion extensions are extensions that are glued to strands of your real hair and remain in place for up to six months, requiring professional removal. But the reality of putting super strong glue in your hair is, it will damage it. This type of extension not only puts weight on the scalp, but even if you manage to get away with no balding, the glue has seriously damaged the strands of hair where it is attached, leaving you with almost no option but either a super short haircut or more and more extensions.
  • Tape-in extensions are pretty self-explanatory, and are typically poor-quality, non-human hair. Although they have the advantage of being semi-permanent, they aren’t as discreet as weaves or pre-bonded extensions, so you can’t put your hair up. And, they will also damage your real hair where they are attached.

Whereas clip-in hair extensions...

  • Simply clip onto your scalp, and are easy to attach yourself at home -- you can literally just clip ‘n’ go!
  • Do NOT damage your hair! They simply clip on and off.
  • Can be put on and taken off as you please, and can be swapped out for different colors or lengths to change up your look whenever you feel like it.

Why Some Extensions Look Ratchet (and How to Avoid It!)

Here’s the UGLY truth;

Most hair extensions are synthetic hair. And synthetic hair extensions are THE reason why extensions have a bad rep for looking fake. They do not mimic your natural hair like 100% Remy human hair extensions, and thus, they look terrible.

Synthetic extensions are also:

  • Dry, get super tangled and matted, and make you look like a hot mess.
  • Can NOT be styled with the use of hot tools.
  • Are even DANGEROUS, since synthetic hair is highly flammable.
  • Are sensitive to sun exposure
  • And have a much shorter lifespan than human hair.

Recently, some companies have begun selling “heat-friendly” synthetic hair extensions that claim to solve these problems. Presumably, you can blow dry, curl and flat iron them. However, the quality remains very poor. These hair extensions do not last, and they never look good. They may seem like a good money-saving option, but they are a complete waste of money.

The bottom line is, the difference in quality between synthetic hair extensions and 100% Remy human hair extensions is unparalleled. Synthetic extensions will make your hair look 10x worse, and 100% Remy extensions will make your hair look 10x better. But only if you are wearing the right style and color for you! (If you haven’t yet, take the quiz to find out what type of hair extensions are best for you!)

Getting your dream goddess hair isn’t impossible like you thought, or even complicated. All it takes is the right set of extensions.

Just imagine…

…feeling sexy, glamorous and a 10/10 when you look in the mirror.

…being able to easily style your long, silky, gorgeous hair in minutes.

...the comments and loves on your next Insta post.

…exuding confidence and getting double-takes wherever you go!

Ready to makeover your hair and transform into a goddess with YOUR PERFECT extensions?

Browse our gorgeous selection of colors and styles of clip-in 100% Remy human hair extensions, try a color ring so you can compare all of our colors to your hair at home, or take a look at our Bellissa before and after transformations -- and how you can get the same transformation too!

We can’t wait to help you empower your inner goddess and feel more beautiful than you ever have! That’s the reason why we do what we do -- to empower women to feel beautiful and sexy, to feel like goddesses. That’s why we are Bellissa Hair, the #1 luxury hair extensions in the industry.

Won't it feel amazing to finally look in the mirror and just think “WOW"?!?!

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  • After working with all the extensions that Bellissa Hair has made, I’m very impressed with how high quality they are. Each set looks and feels like your real hair, and responds to heat beautifully when styling! I would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants a longer and more voluminous look. Plus, as someone with fine hair, I found that they are super comfortable to wear, lightweight and very easy to disguise and blend within the layers of my thin, short hair. Love it!

    Jacquline Y.

  • Great product! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    I’m a cosmetologist and I have worked with many types and brands of hair extensions over the years to cater to the needs of my clients. It is my goal for all of my clients to look and feel beautiful when they leave my chair. And Bellissa clip-in hair extensions are the very best! I absolutely love them! They are beautiful and super soft so they blend so well with my clients’ hair.

    Jissel B.


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